Release Notes

v1.9.5 (Oct 26th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Fix horizontal scrollbar on sheets

v1.9.4 (Oct 25th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] The sheet formula bar can now be expanded to show longer formulas
  • [Enhancement] Enterprise only: All ports used by xltrail can now be changed in the Management console

v1.9.3 (Oct 19th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with special characters in sheet names

v1.9.2 (Oct 18th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] Team members can now be added with admin privileges, i.e. they will be able to set up new repositories and team members.

v1.9.1 (Oct 13th, 2018)

  • [Feature] New formula bar in the sheet view that makes it easy to see the whole formula of the active cell without having to change the width of the columns

v1.9.0 (Oct 12th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] Within diffs, the next/previous change button has been replaced with a list of changes for easier navigation

v1.8.3 (Sep 7th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with Git repo synchronisation

v1.8.2 (Aug 24th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Various bug fixes

v1.8.1 (Aug 10th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented some branch names to work with the new branch comparison

v1.8.0 (Aug 9th, 2018)

  • [Feature] New comparison tool on the History page: Compare any two commits or branches
  • [Enhancement] Individual VBA lines and cells/cell ranges can now be selected and shared via URL
  • [Enhancement] The repository names now show a link to the original Git repository when hovering over them
  • [Enhancement] A new summary of changes at the top of the diff view makes it easy to jump to the relevant changes
  • [Enhancement] You can now right click a cell on a sheet to copy its content
  • [Bug Fix] Various bug fixes

v1.7.2 (Aug 8th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] Enterprise only: You can now set the port on which xltrail runs

v1.7.1 (May 30th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Enterprise only: Resolved connectivity issues that could occur in rare cases

v1.7.0 (May 10th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] Search now allows to search for repositories
  • [Bug Fix] Various bug fixes

v1.6.3 (Mar 22th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Unknown named ranges were preventing sheet diffs to show correctly

v1.6.2 (Mar 15th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] Enterprise only: Log level can be set via the management console
  • [Bug Fix] Diff urls were sometimes causing issues

v1.6.1 (Mar 12th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] Enterprise only: Timeout can now be increased for complex sheet diffs via the management console
  • [Bug Fix] Allow @ in git user names

v1.6.0 (Mar 9th, 2018)

  • [Enhancement] All diffs for a commit are now shown on a single page (via history page)
  • [Feature] Repo username and password can now be edited
  • [Bug Fix] Workbooks that were tracked via Git LFS were causing an error
  • [Bug Fix] Empty repos were causing an error

v1.5.1 (Feb 27th, 2018)

  • [Bug Fix] Some VBA diffs were causing an error message when called from the history page
  • [Feature] Enterprise only: Improved installation size

v1.5.0 (Feb 21st, 2018)

  • [Feature] xltrail now properly supports Git branches

v1.4.2 (Feb 21st, 2018)

  • [Maintenance] Maintenance Release

v1.4.1 (Jan 2nd, 2018)

  • [Feature] Enterprise only: Allow to disable Git SSL certificates verification

v1.4.0 (Dec 18th, 2017)

  • [Feature] Allow to change user passwords when using the internal user directory
  • [Bug Fix] Add a new repo: Don't hang when Git remote can't be validated

v1.3.1 (Dec 2th, 2017)

  • [Enhancement] More prominent "Processing" badge
  • [Enhancement] Validate Git url

v1.3.0 (Nov 8th, 2017)

  • [Feature] Enterprise only: LDAP/AD authentication for users
  • [Feature] Enterprise only: Show notification when updates are available
  • [Enhancement] Improved sheet diff algorithm
  • [Enhancement] Sheet diff caching

v1.2.1 (Oct 24th, 2017)

  • [Bug Fix] Enterprise only: xltrail now works behind a proxy server

v1.2.0 (Oct 20th, 2017)

  • [Feature] Enterprise only: Support Git remotes on file system
  • [Enhancement] Workbook size is now shown
  • [Enhancement] Better progress indication
  • [Enhancement] Show all Git versions in history
  • [Enhancement] Workbook vba/sheet search
  • [Enhancement] Collapsible sidebar
  • [Bug Fix] Memory issues with big workbooks are resolved

v1.1.0 (Sep 26th, 2017)

  • [Enhancement] Show/sort VBA types analogous to VB Editor

v1.0.0 (Sep 22th, 2017)

  • Initial release

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