Command Line Interface (CLI)

To install or update the xltrail CLI, execute the following commands as root:

curl -sSL -o /usr/local/bin/xltrail
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/xltrail

To get an overview over the available commands, type xltrail into your terminal:

$ xltrail
  xltrail [COMMAND] [options]

  install [-v X.Y.Z] [-f /path/]  Install xltrail in online mode, use -v for version and -f for offline mode
  config                          Quick configuration. For advanced settings, edit /etc/xltrail/xltrail.conf directly.
  update [-v X.Y.Z]               Update xltrail (online mode only), use -v for a specific version
  version                         Show xltrail and CLI versions
  start                           Start xltrail
  stop                            Stop xltrail
  restart                         Restart xltrail
  status                          Show status of docker containers
  password                        Reset admin password
  checks                          Run system checks
  encrypt                         Prompts for a value to encrypt. Prepend config key with SECURE_ to use it.
  support [-f /path/]             Produces a support package with all logs. A file path -f is optional
  logs [--all]                    Live log tail, use --all to include all containers
  backup [-f /path/]              Create a backup with all data. A file path -f is optional
  restore -f /path/               Restore all current data with data from the provided backup
  backupdb                        Backup the Postgres database to DATA_DIR/xltrail-backups/postgres.backup
  restoredb                       Restores the Postgres database from DATA_DIR/xltrail-backups/posgres.backup

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