User Roles

xltrail differentiates between two roles:

  • User
  • Admin

User Role

A user has the following rights:

  • Users can add new projects (both drag-and-drop and Git integrations). Note that by default, project are visible within an organization. To restrict access rights, you need to have the admin role, see below.
  • Users can add new Excel files and new versions of existing files for projects they have been granted access to.

Admin Role

An admin can do everything a user can do. Additionally, they can access the Settings page by clicking on the user icon on the top right. From there, they can:

  • Delete and resync projects.
  • If the users are managed by xltrail (and not by an external system like e.g. Active Directory/LDAP), they can add and delete users.
  • They can change permissions, i.e. restrict projects to certain users or groups only.

For more details, see Settings.

The admin system account

When you use the self-hosted version of xltrail and manage your users internally (i.e. you don't use Active Directory/LDAP), you will have a user called admin. This user is a system account with admin privileges and doesn't count against the number of seats. It can be used by the administrators of xltrail to add the first real user account. Its password can be reset via the xltrail CLI. Other than that, it works like a normal user, i.e. needs to have permissions assigned to be able to see non-public projects.

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