How to git-merge Excel VBA code

xltrail client is an free, open-source Git command line extension that makes Git understand Excel workbook files. xltrail client comes with a custom differ and merger, which makes it possible to establish a proper Git workflow around Excel workbook files - without tricks, tweaks and workarounds.


Make Git Tower work with Spreadsheet Compare

Git Tower is a powerful Git client with a graphical user interface. Git Tower supports custom diff tools, which makes setting up Spreadsheet Compare straightforward. In this blog post, you learn how to configure Git Tower to use Microsoft Office’s Spreadsheet Compare as a custom diff tool for Excel workbooks.


Git-xltrail: An open-source Git command-line extension for Excel files

Making Git work with Excel workbook files requires quite a bit of plumbing. Git-xltrail is our new, free open-source Git command-line extension that makes Git undestand Excel workbook files out of the box.


Quick Guide: Git Large File Storage (LFS) for Excel

Git repositories can become big and bloated over time when versioning Excel workbooks. Big repositories mean slow cloning and fetching. Git Large File Storage (LFS) is an open-source Git extension that replaces large binary files with text pointers making it easier to keep your repository at a manageable size. This is a hands-on guide to get you up and running with Git LFS.


3 steps to make Spreadsheet Compare work with git diff

For git, Excel workbooks are just binary files. This means they cannot be diffed via git diff. In this blog post, we hook up Microsoft Office’s Spreadsheet Compare to git diff to create meaningful workbook comparisons.


Getting started with Git and Excel: Set up gitignore

Getting started with Git and Excel is the first part of a series of blog post to help you using git for Excel version control. In this post we discuss how to set up gitignore to exclude temporary Excel from being committed.


How to use Git hooks to version-control Excel VBA Code

Exporting your VBA modules into stand-alone .bas files is a simple and effective way to version control your Excel VBA code using git. This guide explains how to use Git hooks to automatically export your workbook’s VBA code when committing your change to Git.


A simple Git workflow for Excel workbooks

Git is the best choice and a de facto standard for most software teams today. This guide presents a simple recipe for how to use Git for Excel workbooks to support small Excel teams in their existing workflow and simplify collaboration.


xlwings is now on xltrail!

This post explains why we’re tracking the development of the xlwings add-in on xltrail.

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