Git Version Control for Excel



xltrail picks up where Git left off

  • Integrates with Git (version control system)
  • See who changed what and when
  • Supports xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xla etc.
  • Shows changes in cells and VBA code
  • Simple, server based installation
  • No Excel addins required
  • Install behind your firewall or in the cloud
  • Works with Windows, Mac and Linux


Excel is flexible, can easily be integrated with other systems and doesn't require advanced programming knowledge. Often though, tactical workbooks grow and become critical to your company's business processes. xltrail is an enterprise solution that helps you stay in control of your Excel workbooks by tracking changes and allowing you to visualize the differences between two versions - without getting in your way.

Track changes in VBA code

xltrail integrates with Git to give you the same power over VBA code that you are used to from other programming languages: Easily diff VBA code changes without having to export the modules.

X-ray your spreadsheet

xltrail is like an X-ray for your spreadsheet and shows you everything that changed: new or deleted columns/rows and changes within cell values or formulas. You can click from one change to the other, so you can be sure you don't miss the one change at the very bottom of your sheet.

Continuing where Git left off

While systems like GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab only allow you to download the raw Excel file, xltrail allows you to easily see the content of your workbook: See who changed what for both sheets and VBA modules.

Audit trail for Microsoft Excel

xltrail lists all Git commits that were changing the Excel workbook. Go back in time and download past versions of your workbooks.

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