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See who changed what, when and why

Your yearly sales forecast changed again but you have no idea why? xltrail helps you to find the responsible input factor and when and why it was changed. If you don't agree, just check the author and you can discuss.

xltrail keeps an audit trail of all the changes and allows you to see the edits between any two dates. This makes it easy to check how the spreadsheet evolved while you were on vacations, for example.

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Reduce spreadsheet errors

xltrail shows you the difference between two versions of a sheet. This is helpful when searching for an error, cross-checking expected versus actual changes or peer reviewing a change introduced by another team member.

For example, the screenshot shows that a #REF! error was introduced. A common error that often goes unnoticed - even more so if the errors are introduced on hidden cells.

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Easy source control of your VBA code

Managing workbook changes can be tricky. Especially when you add new functionality or refactor large blocks of your workbook. Being able to see which parts of your sheets and VBA code have changed between two versions, without having to rely on error-prone workarounds, significantly reduces the risk of introducing unintended changes before starting to use your new functionality as part of your daily operation.

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Track every part individually

xltrail shows you the content of every sheet and VBA module in your workbook. This makes it easy to see which sheets or VBA modules were changed with every new version.

xltrail does not just give you a version history on workbook level but it also shows you an individual history for each component: If you have 100 versions of a workbook but only touched a certain sheet 2 times, then you can instantly see the two versions that were changing the sheet.

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What our customers say

xltrail has helped us to regain control over our mission-critical workbook. When something breaks, xltrail can often point us to the offending VBA code in moments what took considerably longer before - thanks to the ability to diff VBA code.

testimonial 1 Bendri Batti
Head of IT, Tom Capital
Tom Capital's TCGF fund was Switzerland's #1 performing Hedge Fund in the category 'Alternative Managed Futures' in 2018

xltrail is the best and the only out of the box solution for Excel source control that fully integrates with Git! No more work-arounds with exporting/importing VBA modules or maintaining versioned copies of the same document. With the on-premise installation, we were able to get xltrail up and running in no time. It has been an absolute life saver and enabled our development to move at a much faster pace than ever before while preserving our sanity. If you need integrated source control for Excel, look no further!

testimonial 2 Natalya Arbit
Software Developer, EDR

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