Git Version Control for Excel

xltrail extends Git to make it work with spreadsheets and VBA - helping Excel developers write better spreadsheets, reduce errors and move faster, safer.

In Git we trust

Developers and businesses entrust Git with their precious source code. Git helps teams protect their code from catastrophe, human error and unintended consequences. If a mistake is made, developers can turn back the clock and compare earlier versions of the code to help fix the mistake without disrupting the other team members.

xltrail picks up where Git left off

Excel workbooks are repositories of invaluable knowledge. Entrusting Git with your workbooks helps protect this knowledge and safeguard against mistakes. xltrail extends Git to make diffing, merging, version histories and branching work with sheets and VBA modules. To protect your workbooks and help establishing a sound, transparent and audit-proof workflow.

Standing on the shoulders of Git giants

xltrail integrates directly with your Git server. Push your workbook repositories to your Git server and xltrail picks up any new commits directly from there. Just like your Git server, xltrail shows your workbook versions, content, branches and diffs in a webbrowser. xltrail server works with any Git server such as GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, BitBucket Server, GitLab, Microsoft Team Foundation and many more.

Regain control

When you commit your workbook to Git, xltrail knows precisely what changed inside your workbook. Where Git, and GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab leave off with a «binary file changed» message, xltrail picks up and treats sheets and VBA modules in the same way as Git treats text files. This allows you to understand who changed what and when, and which sheets or VBA modules were edited in a particular commit. Which is a simple yet effective safeguard against unintended changes.

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Reduce errors

xltrail shows you the difference between two sheet versions. This is helpful when locating an unintended change, cross-checking expected versus actual changes or comparing against a change introduced by another team member. Understand which columns and rows were deleted or inserted and get a grip on formula changes.

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Spend your time on what really matters

Managing workbook changes can be tricky. Especially when you add new functionality or refactor large blocks of your workbook. Being able to see which parts of your sheets and VBA code have changed between two versions, without having to rely on error-prone workarounds, significantly reduces the risk of introducing unintended changes before starting to use your new functionality as part of your daily operation.

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What our customers say

xltrail has helped us to regain control over our mission-critical workbook. When something breaks, xltrail can often point us to the offending VBA code in moments what took considerably longer before - thanks to the ability to diff VBA code.

thumb Bendri Batti
Head of IT, Tom Capital

xltrail is the best and the only out of the box solution for Excel source control that fully integrates with Git! No more work-arounds with exporting/importing VBA modules or maintaining versioned copies of the same document. With the on-premise installation, we were able to get xltrail up and running in no time. It has been an absolute life saver and enabled our development to move at a much faster pace than ever before while preserving our sanity. If you need integrated source control for Excel, look no further!

thumb Natalya Arbit
Software Developer, ExactBid

Do you need to get a grip on your workbooks?

Our mission is to bring the same level of visibility and control to Excel workbook files that Git does out-of-the-box for source code. That's why, complementing our cloud and on-premise xltrail products, we created a free product: xltrail client.

xltrail client is a free and open-source Git command line extension, that brings the power of xltrail server to your Git command line. With xltrail client you can diff, merge and inspect workbook files on the Git command line. xltrail client is free and open-source, and code and binaries are available on GitHub.

Or, if you want to give xltrail server a try with your mission-critical workbooks on your own infrastructure, start a 30 day free no-obligation trial or request a demo to discuss your requirements.

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