Git integration

Do you use Git version control to keep track of your Excel workbooks? Excellent! xltrail integrates seamlessly with your favorite Git provider. Push your workbook repositories to your Git remote and xltrail picks up any new commits directly from there. Just like your Git provider, xltrail shows you the versions, content, branches and diffs of your workbooks in a web browser.

Supports all Git providers

xltrail support all Git providers like GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and Azure Devops (formerly VSTS/TFS) both in the cloud and on premise. Note that if you use the on premise version of a Git provider, e.g. BitBucket Server, then you also need to use the on premise version of xltrail: xltrail Enterprise.

Individual version history

When you commit your workbook to Git, xltrail knows precisely what changed inside your workbook. Where GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab leave off with a «binary file changed» message, xltrail picks up and treats sheets and VBA modules in the same way as Git treats text files. This allows you to get an individual version history for each sheet or VBA module: If you have 100 commits on the repository level but only touched a certain sheet 2 times, then you can instantly see the two commits that were changing the sheet.

content changes

Merge conflicts

While xltrail is not able to merge the content of Excel files, it can still help you to resolve Git merge conflicts: You can easily compare two branches which allows you to see exactly where they differ or conflict.

If you are dealing with VBA only, you can also use our free Git extension which does support proper VBA merging via the command line and allows you to resolve merge conflicts right within the VBA editor (see screenshot).

vba merge conflict