Last updated on November 8, 2017

xlwings is now managed with Git on xltrail!

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Our most popular open-source project is clearly xlwings, an Excel add-in that allows you to write user defined functions and macros in Python instead of VBA.

Like many open-source projects, xlwings’ source code is hosted on GitHub which works great for the Python code but doesn’t really give you anything for binary files like Excel workbooks:


For the longest time, when developing the add-in, we were exporting the VBA modules and then committing these text files to Git alongside the xlwings.xlam file. There must be an easier way.

Continuing where GitHub left off

xltrail syncs with your Git repository (all providers are supported) and gives you a detailed view of the workbook’s contents:


By clicking on one of the VBA modules, you can look at the changes from one commit to the other:

xltrail diff

xltrail also shows changes in worksheets/cells: this screenshot shows the Fibonacci example:

xltrail sheet diff

xltrail cloud

Curious? Try it out yourself:

xltrail cloud