Git xltrail

An open-source Git command line extension for Excel workbook files

Git xltrail is an open-source Git command line extension that makes Git work for Excel. Among other Excel-specific things, Git xltrail makes Git understand Excel workbook files so that you can get meaningful diffs on your workbook’s VBA content.

Download v0.1.2 (Windows)

Without Git xltrail: git-diff without Git xltrail

With Git xltrail: git-diff with Git xltrail

Getting started

1. Download and follow the installation process: Git xltrail installer

2. Git xltrail can be initialised globally (system-wide, per user) or locally (per repository). Install once (when installing globally):

C:\Users\Bjoern>git xltrail install

This configures your global .gitconfig, .gitattributes and .gitignore files. For more information on global Git configuration, have a look at

Alternatively, initialise Git xltrail locally (per repository), using the --local option, inside the root folder of your repository’s local working copy:

C:\Users\Bjoern\Developer\Workbooks>git xltrail install --local

3. When using the --local option, make sure .gitattributes and .gitignore are tracked:

C:\Users\Bjoern\Developer\Workbooks>git add .gitattributes
C:\Users\Bjoern\Developer\Workbooks>git add .gitignore

Need help?

You can get help on available commands and options:

C:\Users\Bjoern\Developer>git xltrail help

To get help on a specific command directly:

C:\Users\Bjoern\Developer>git xltrail help <subcommand>


Diff Excel VBA

Get meaningful git diff output when comparing Excel workbook files containing VBA code.

Ignore temporary Excel files

Automatically ignore temporary ~$ Excel files (e.g. when opening Book1.xlsb, Excel creates a temporary file called ~$Book1.xlsb)

Git xltrail is an open source project

To report an issue or contribute to the project, head over to the GitHub repository