Our mission is to bring the same level of visibility and control to Excel workbook files as Git does for source code. By making Git work with Excel, we help organizations control their Excel workbooks using one of the most trusted version control systems.
Felix Zumstein,Co-Founder and CEO

Felix Zumstein

Co-Founder and CEO

Felix is our product manager and always in touch with our clients to drive development into the right direction. As the creator of xlwings, our popular open-source Python drop-in replacement for Excel VBA, Felix has deep knowledge of Excel. Felix is based in Zürich, Switzerland.
Björn Stiel,Co-Founder and CTO

Björn Stiel

Co-Founder and CTO

Björn is the technical architect behind xltrail. As a former quant developer and trader at UBS Investment Bank in London, Björn has in-depth experience with very large and complex Excel workbooks and organizational issues around managing spreadsheets. Björn is based in London, United Kingdom.
Pablo Mouzo,Senior Developer

Pablo Mouzo

Senior Developer

Pablo is responsible for the xltrail frontend. Pablo has a background in a variety of industries, from banking and legal to farming and e-commerce. Previously, Pablo has worked on data mining and database projects. Pablo is based in Valencia, Spain.