Frequently Asked Questions

My workbooks are very confidential. Is it safe to use xltrail?

Absolutely. xltrail is an on-premise product that you install on your server, behind your firewall.

What exactly does xltrail track?

xltrail tracks cell formulas/values and VBA code. xltrail doesn’t track: Cell formatting, workbook settings, charts and add-ins.

How can I test drive xltrail?

Contact us to get a trial license or try our free cloud.

How do I install xltrail? What are the system requirements?

See the docs.

Does xltrail work with git offerings in the cloud (e.g.

Yes, xltrail works with any Git system including all major platforms like GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab, both in the cloud and self hosted (on-premise).

Does xltrail have a managed cloud offering?

No, xltrail is an on-premise product. However, you can install xltrail on a self-managed cloud server like AWS and the like, if you are a cloud native company.

Does xltrail work with other systems than Git, e.g. SharePoint, DropBox, Subversion, …

Not right now. Currently you must version control your workbooks with Git. Let us know what system you are using so we can create an integration for your system.

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