Project Access Management

Project access management is only available on the Enterprise plan.

By default, projects are visible and accessible to everybody who can login to xltrail. xltrail allows you to lock down project access to specific users and groups via a separate config file.

Place a file called accessmanagement.yaml into your config directory /etc/xltrail, i.e. next to xltrail.conf.

Consider this example of accessmanagement.yaml:

groups: # groups are optional
  - name: managers
      - username1
      - username2
  - name: accounting
      - username1
      - username3

  - name: Project 1
      - managers
  # For git repos, use the name as shown on the xltrail landing page, i.e. without http
  - name:
      - accounting
      - username4

In this example, Project 1 will only be visible and accessible to username1 and username2. will be visible and accessible to username1, username3 and username4. Any project that is not listed under projects will be visible and accessible to any user who can login to xltrail.

  • You need run xltrail restart to apply changes in accessmanagement.yaml.
  • The projects listed in the yaml need to exist in xltrail before you restart xltrail.
  • Bear in mind that admins will always be able to access the Settings page where they can see (but not access) and delete all projects including those where they don't have access to.

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