NOTE: This is only for legacy installations. Please follow this installation guide for new installations.

System Maintenance

Management Console

Most maintenance work needs to be performed via the management console that you can access at port 8800 of your installation: http://<server>:8800. It typically looks something like this:

xltrail updates

The management console checks for xltrail updates automatically but the check frequency can be changed under > Console Settings. If there's an update available, you can click on View Update and the next screen allows you to install it with a click on Install Update.

Restart xltrail

You can stop and start xltrail in the top left section of the management console.

Change the management console admin password

The admin password is used for the management console and in case you don't use LDAP also for the admin user in xltrail. It can only be changed via the management console at this address: http://<server>:8800/create-password.

If you are already logged from the management console, you'll need to run this on your terminal before you can go the above address:

replicatedctl console-auth reset

Change the hostname

If you change the hostname, it needs to be changed in two locations in the management console:

  1. Click on the on the top right, then Console Settings and update the Management Console Hostname.
  2. Click on Settings in the main navigation and change the Hostname

Change SSL/TLS certificates

Click on the on the top right, then Console Settings and update the TLS Key & Cert. Switching https on and off for xltrail is done on Settings in the main navigation, then Enable HTTPS. Note that the management console always uses https.

When updating certificates, make sure to completely close and reopen your browser to make the new certificates appear correctly.

In case you have issues during the update process for certificates that are stored on the server and referenced via path run sudo replicated console cert set <hostname> /path/to/key /path/to/cert from the command line.

Troubleshooting: Support Bundle

Since xltrail is an on-premise installation, we need you to send us the Support Bundle if there's an issue. The support bundle contains the logs that will help us to identify the issue.

To download the support bundle go to Support in the management console (see screenshot at the top) and click the Download Support Bundle button.

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