NOTE: This is only for legacy installations. Please follow this installation guide for new installations.

Installation on a Closed Network (Air gapped)

An "air gapped" environment is a network that has no path to inbound or outbound internet traffic at all.

NOTE: Air gapped installations are only available upon request. If your server has access to the internet, always follow the standard installation instructions instead.

1. Docker

Install a supported version of Docker. For supported versions, see requirements. To do this, download docker according to your platform, for example:

Once the correct package has been downloaded and transferred to the air gapped machine it needs to be installed by using one of the following commands:


rpm -ivh <package_name>.rpm


dpkg --install <package_name>.deb

Different versions of Docker require different dependencies that may have to be manually downloaded/transferred/installed to the air gapped machine. They have to be installed following the same procedure for each one of those dependencies.

For example, for RHEL, you'll most likely also need container-selinux

2. Replicated (xltrail Management Console)

We use Replicated as the management console for xltrail. Replicated can be installed by downloading the latest release from and running the following commands:

tar xzvf replicated.tar.gz
cat ./ | sudo bash -s airgap

3. Download & Rename xltrail Airgap Package

Download the xltrail airgap packages from the URL that we sent you (this also has to be done for updates). When you download new airgap packages to your server, it is important that you set the --trust-server-names and --content-disposition flags for wget or rename the file to something ending with .airgap.

4. Install xltrail Airgap Package

Next, navigate to the management console at https://<server>:8800. Accept the self-signed certificate, pass the preflight checks, and you will see the license upload screen. Upload the airgap enabled license and then select the airgapped install option. You will have to provide a path to the .airgap file and upload the .rli license file here.

Once this screen is completed, Replicated runs as normal. In the :8800/console/settings page, there is a section to set the Airgap mode settings. You can install updates and sync the license by downloading new versions of these, renaming them with the .airgap extension and placing them in the locations specified on the /console/settings page, see also the installation from here.

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